Thursday, 15 September 2011

Styles At The Gym

Before I go into this post, let me just say that the title might be a bit misleading. I am gonna talk about the styles of at the gym, but I want to also blog about one of my pet peeves, and I have a lot of them.

One thing I hate seeing at the gym is camel toe. you don't know what that is?
When, you little lady is drawn into your pants. this happens a lot when you wear tight clothes which is smaller than your size. If you are guilty of such offence shame on you!
I seriously hate it, i think you might as well be naked, I think some people cannot help it. If so is the case wear a longer top, to cover it, don't go around parading you little lady, she is private..

Moving on...
Styles at the gym, what people wear, I don't know about you, but what I have notice in every gym I have been to is that, there is always somebody who is totally over confident about their body. And want to make sure that you know it. Like they come in in these "batty rider" and belly tops. I am just think who are you trying to impress. 
The gym is like the street, you don't show to much at once. Unless you are a "hoochie" (no offence) , you are not going to walk out of your house wearing hot pants and a belly top in stilettos. That just look ho*ish (again no offence)
Image source see what I mean?
I have seen people wear belly tops and shorts at the gym and look decent, but someone, even the way they go on the treadmill, its too seductive an it just looks wrong. (it might be just me)

Then I again I don't think you should go to the gym in an old baggy t-shirt and some old sweat pants. No No... because the way you dress affect your confident, so you should wear something you feel good in. When I wear sweat pants, i will compliment it with a fitted shirt, or wear a baggy top with leggings. 

Even it out so you don't look funny or trying it too much.
The pants is loose but still shows off your bum and the top is fitted enough, so look sexy but not trying too much. However if you have a belly you might need to get a bigger size for the top so that you don't have a bulgy stomach. A lot of people will deny this but if some part of your body is not where it suppose to be, you will feel self conscious and that means you will not like the gym, which is the reason so many people don't work out.

This fitness outfit is super sexy, so if you are a nerve reck I won't advice it. The bottom is fitted and so is the top, showing off your whole figure. If you are in the gym for a great work out, it is totally fine, but you know you get those ones who push their bums in the air when they are on the cross trainer, and do some seductive highly soliciting stretches. 

I usually get my gym clothes from new look or get the label. Dress how you feel, so long you go to the gym to work out and not for any other reason, you will be fine. :)

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl
Any comment??


  1. Some people just go to the gym to be cute and get noticed. Personally, i usually wear like yoga pants or something similar and a t-shirt to the gym depending on what i plan on doing that day.

  2. what a great post!
    you have a lovely blog!

    will you follow me please?, ill follow you back beautiful!

  3. I surely need to go to the gym.
    you are soo right about the camel toe girl!
    maybe some people do it in purpose? but it doesn't look good at all!

    When I went to gym before, I never wear sleevless because I dnt want them to see my flabby
    but i wear it with leggings..i love my legs! :))

  4. I like your opinion on this, we share the same thoughts! Another thing that bothers me is when gym clothes are exchanged to casual clothes. They forgot about jeans and instead wore yoga pants. Seriously. xx

  5. Reading your blog.

    I have a gym pants/yoga pants that is not tight and it forever gives me the "camel toe" thing you talk about. What works for me? Pulling the waist down and near the "camel toe" thing.

    I learned something new from you. Camel toe.

  6. Gym attire....too funny.

  7. @Lady Ngo .. they sure do, and they do those funny stretches on the treadmill its ridiculous

    @Popsy we all got something we love and another we hate

    @Fydez we are lol but I am guilty of doing a store run in sweat pants

    @Peachez we learn something new everyday


  8. Ms Nana!! :) ..i feel so guilty for not coming here earlier lol
    I totally hate camel toe!,'s disgusting!
    PS: i caught a glimpse of your pics on your last blogpost and you look fab in them! :)

  9. @ KitKat, thanks babe. its ok, when I go Ghana I am the same x

  10. lol this post so true! thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting we are now following each other!

  11. Great post and funny as well, I enjoyed it so much! thanks for stopping by and leave such a sweet comment for my blog! xx Joice

  12. Nice post. I love getting dressed to go to the gym. Good ideas in your blog.
    Thanks for your lovely comment.

  13. i don't like to spend money in fancy clothes to go to the gym. i wear anything comfortable = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  14. This post made me laugh, its so true about the camel toe,how do people not realise it's there!
    Thank you for stopping my blog and commenting.
    I'm following your blog,feel free to follow mine if u like it.

  15. Hey sweetie drop by me blog! I miss your comments! lol
    and I'll be waiting for your next post! :)

  16. Thanks for the reply, I used 'Corel paintshop pro 2' to edit my photo's, I have Photoshop too, but I haven't a clue how to use it?! My editing skills are V basic.
    I'm following you on bloglovin,as I can't seem to follow you via the usual google follow thing?

  17. sports style has always been to hard for me! it's so tricky to lookfine and exercise at the same! so I love this looks, really! nice guide

    Inside and Outside Blog

  18. Haha at Camel toe. Didn't know that was what it's called

    Nice post


  19. Haha totally agree with all that you said! Too funny. Great post hun


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